Proactive Care operate residential care homes in the north west specialising in providing the best possible care for young people with complex emotional and behavioural difficulties between the ages of 10 and 18. 

Young people benefit from effective support, help and protection. Our homes provides a high quality service for young people and has been able to consistently demonstrate the positive impact and difference it has made to their lives.

At the Home we believe that Young People should be continually nurtured and offered support relevant to their specific needs.


Our Mission

Proactive Care acknowledges that young people in care frequently feel disempowered by decisions made regarding their lives; however, our approach is to ensure that each individual is empowered to make positive choices. 

Our Approach

Young people benefit from a safe, supportive, caring and nurturing environment. Our homes maintain effective partnerships with social workers, schools, and all other professional agencies to ensure that young people benefit from the best possible help and all-round support.

Integration instead of exclusion

Supporting the young people is not just an abstract concept – it requires direct communication and assistance. That’s why our staff work hard to develop and maintain social relationships with the young people they serve.

Proactive Care offers a home-away-from-home ethos and incorporates all of the inviting features that would be found in any family house. We look to provide supportive and functional environments for all our Young People and have a fundamentally caring ethos.